Member adding a listing - problem setting featured image

I have an issue with the front end listing creation that I hope you can help with.

When a member goes to add a listing, they are directed to their buddypress profile area where they can add in the details for the listing. When clicking on the 'set featured image' it directs the user to a page:

url extension: /wp-admin/media-upload.php?post_id=4190&type=image&TB_iframe=1

They can select an image from their computer, add a URL or chose from the media library (where they can see anyones uploads, which is quite unusual too) but after selecting an image and choosing 'set featured image' - the page just stays as is, and doesn't send the user back to their listings page to complete their listing. There is no way to return back to the page without stripping the URL back to the original page, where nothing has been saved.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The new user i've created is set as a 'member' with normal member role permissions.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: