member authentication


I am using the Divi Theme via a Child theme and the member management system I am using in Restrict Content Pro.

The problem I have been having is that at random when users are navigating to different pages they are sometimes logged back out. When you preform a page refresh they are logged back in. From my understanding that seems like there is a disconnect between the switching of the logged in and logged out menu and the authentication of the logged in user because they never had to manually log back in they just refreshed the page and then were allowed access again. Note that some pages, like the home page which is open for all viewers, will logout a user as well.

I can not figure how to prevent this from happening. Sometimes even a page refresh does not work for some users. The only constant on my end of testing is that I have determined that there is something on the home page that disconnected the authentication every time you click the top left logo to go to the home page. The reason I know this is because i switched out the page linked to the logo with a brand new page and it never had that issue.

So, is there code on my pages somewhere that is getting the authentication hung up? Is it something to do with caching maybe?