Member Blog Theme to match Magazine Theme / Widgetable Home Page

Hey guys!

Two requests for the Magazine Theme:

#1) Wondering if you can make / are making / have plans on making a member blog theme to match the Magazine theme? I'm one of those people who want the member blog theme to match the rest of the site theme. Is there a version of "/blog" theme made or available for members?

#2 ) Can you make the second column of the /home page widgetable? As far as I can tell, there's no way to control the placement of the various sections (members, activity) nor to add any widgets to it (say a twitter rundown). I suppose I could hardcode something there, but it would be awesome to have that part of the page as widgetable as the other pages in the theme.


ps. I forgot to ask: are you / would you move user menus for the profiles and the groups from the column to a tabbed feature? Something along the lines of your Social Theme or the the revised default theme of BP? Tabbed is so much nicer having those options in the second column.

  • Tammie

    @jodyw1: Currently we're working on the BuddyPress 1.2 theme updates so no other update will occur. However, your points can be considered after the launch. The home page is designed to not be widgetable as it pulls through posts. In 1.2 version the menu will be slightly different but does keep the similar structure to what it does with easy hot links.

    There is no blog version but in the future we are considering having our themes work on single WordPress installs without BuddyPress if this does happen to any we'll put a post up on this site and release them.

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