Member blogs can control popover

I just installed popover to get things ready for an upcoming promotion. The site is MU/BP.

Installed it following the directions to the mu-plugins folder. When I sign via my test account (it's an ordinary user account with a blog) the Popovers link is visible in the tools menu.

I can create the popover using my main admin account, but a user/member can access the popover settings dashboard and then simply remove the popover for the entire network. I was able to do this using my test account. I created it for network using my admin and then simply went in an removed it using an independant login of my user test account.

This is a problem since if we set the popovers, we, as admins should have control over them. I don't want my users removing them from the network.

Is there somewhat to simply remove the link in the dashboard from the sub-blogs? I don't mind them having an option to display a popover on their site, but I don't want them to have control over my primary network popovers.