Member conditions in template

I saw the post regarding using:

I am having some trouble figuring this out.

My theme has 2 special user types and after membership reg is done it redirects to a theme page to set the user type. I need to use these filters in that template.

Here is the relevant code. I put the non working shortcode in so you can see what I mean exactly:

<div class="clear10"></div>

			<div class="my_box3">
            	<div class="padd10">

            	<div class="box_title"><?php  printf(__("Choose User Type",'ProjectTheme')); ?></div>
                <div class="box_content">

			   printf(__("Choose your user type",'ProjectTheme'));


                <div class="clear10"></div>

               <form method="post" > 

               function do_shortcode('[level-vip-business]
               <input type="radio" class="do_input" name="user_tp" id="user_tp" value="service_provider" checked="checked" /> <?php _e('Service Provider', 'ProjectTheme'); ?><br/>
			   function do_shortcode('level-basic-business]
               <input type="radio" class="do_input" name="user_tp" id="user_tp" value="business_owner" /> <?php _e('Service Contractor','ProjectTheme'); ?><br/>

                <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit" />


please help me figure this out, or else is there a way to pass the correct role automatically instead of the radio select boxes?