Member directory for club members connected to member number.

I'm redoing an existing WP site for a Yacht Club and want to give each active member a login to the site, maybe allowing them to login with Facebook.

Each member has a member number assigned by the club office, that could be used as the username but their real name should be visible to fellow members. Also each member number is actually for a family, so info for the entire family like family address, spouse/partner email/phone and children's names and ages needs to be attached to the member account.

All this info should only be accessible to fellow members and should be editable by the member and by the club office. There should be an easy way for the club office to set a member to active/inactive status and add new members.

Basically a member directory that is only accessible by active members. But the key is a member should be able to lookup and contact a fellow member or members through this.

I'm looking at BuddyPress for the member profiles and Ultimate Facebook to allow Facebook logins but not sure the best way to put it all together.

Suggestions on the best way forward would be appreciated.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Damon,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I understand that these "members" are not registered users of your WP site, is that right?

    I think the BuddyPress and Ultimate Facebook are a good choice for the start. The steps would be like this:

    1. Members' profiles

    - install and configure basic BuddyPress
    - make sure that the "Extended Profiles" BuddyPress component is enabled (you can do this on "Settings -> BuddyPress" page); that's commonly known as "x-profile fields";
    - on "User -> Profile Fields" page you will then be able to create entire set of custom profile fields; that would be used for the data such as family address, spouse/partner etc.

    2. Facebook login

    - install and enable the Ultimate Facebook page
    - create and configure FB app for it

    see here for installation and configuration guide:

    - on "Facebook -> Facebook Settings" page go to the "Facebook Connect" section and enable the "Allow users to login/register with Facebook" option; this will let your members login with their Facebook accounts

    - (optional) adjust other settings in that section; for more explanation see the usage guide linked above

    3. Testing

    Before you create/add members it would be good to test everything. I'd do this by creating some "fake" members on the site and checking whether they can login properly, access all content, edit profiles etc. If this goes well, I'd then go to the final step which would be adding members

    4. Adding members

    If there are not many members you can add them manually as an admin is able to add users and also edit every BuddyPress profile.

    If there's a significant amount of accounts to be added, you may need to use some more automated way. This plugin may be of help:

    In case it didn't work for you we'll find another solution.

    If you have any further questions or require more assistance on this, let me know please and I'll be happy to help.

    Best regards,

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