member directory home page

for a large multi-site install, with 200 domains and no "central" domain, no real "home page," i'm confused about my options. Where would the members profiles be featured, and do i have any options to create a fixed domain / subdomain / directory where all the member profiles reside?

  • alberti

    We use the admin bar plugin, which means that any user can enter the multi-site network via any of the domains. All they do is click on login at the admin bar, which appears at the top of all domains, and they enter whatever domain they landed on. That's why I asked earlier if, on a multi-site install, it matters what the original install domain is. We would love to be able to designate a place for the user directory, but don't entirely understand our options. Thanks!!

  • Mason

    Hiya alberti,

    You might consider adding a link to the members directory into the admin bar then? It wouldn't really matter which domain it was on, only that users have access to it right?

    Otherwise, you might begin creating a specific domain or sub-domain to hold elements that the whole network will be interested in (like the members directory) and just add to it over time. Then users will get into the habit of checking there for the information they need.

    Hope this helps! Thanks!