member levels- free and paid

I am using WP 3.0, BuddyPress and installed Membership RC3. I really need some up setting this up I have read the instructions over and over again but I am still a bit confused on how to solve the following issues. Please help.

1. Every time I access my website on every page there is a popup window that appears.

Error in query: Access denied Access denied
. This has something to do with this plugin and even when I disable the membership plugin this still happens.

2. I want to have "strangers/non members" to access my Home-About-Blog-Contact pages as well as see teaser of the content only available to members.
3. I will added the following member levels.
a. Member- This is for registrar members but not a paid membership. They will have access to certain blog categories and commenting on blog.
b. Premium Members- will have access to everything on site including what "strangers and members" have access too.
c. Free Member- I have this setup for "strangers/none member" and non paying.

I have set these levels up and activated them, as well the subscriptions. When I go to the web site I can't see the content on the Home-About-Blog-Contact and get the popup error window.

When I tested the registration process it automatically lets you registrar without asking to choose subscription. Please if anyone can help me set this up or let me know what I am doing wrong I would really appreciate any advise. Thank you

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    I am sorry if the above post is confusing. I have been working on trying to install and solve these problems for a few days now. Please forgive my repeative questions but I felt like I needed to repost to make my issues clearer.

    Ok Please let me more specific on what I am trying to do accomplish with this Membership Plugin.

    I have solved the registration process and now it allows the user to choose the type of registration the want to subscribe.
    3 different type of users.
    1. Free Stranger/ non registrar member- This user will have access to some pages such as the About-Home-Contact-Signup-Blog Categories. I have attached a jpg to show how I setup this user. I know by default all content is lock down. But I have added this member level to allow the Free Stranger Level to have some access. My home page content a summary of the About which they have access is not available. Also even if the content is available to a certain member levels I still get this popup window with the error message.

    Error in query: Access denied Access denied

    I am not sure how to solve this please advise.

    2. Basic Member- This is a registrar user and non-paying this user will be allowed to read all blog categories and comment. No access to any Buddypress menus, pages or groups. I have seem to set this up successfully but I am still getting the popup error window on content they have permission to access.

    3. Premium Member- This is paid membership they should have access to all Buddypress features-Aticity-Profile-Messaging-Friends-Groups. But these are all looked down even for Premium Members.

    I have tested this website using differ users other then Admin and these problem are still present.