Member linking and lead management

I selected membership pro because I'm not sure where this applies.

I need the ability for different member types to have access and visibility to other member types and leads that apply to them.


A loan officer (LO) needs visibility to real estate agents (RA) and their leads that have been assigned to them. This LO will have multiple RA's and some leads that aren't yet assigned to RA's. While some RA's will have leads that haven't been assigned to LO's yet. Branch managers need to have visibility over their LO's and and area managers need to have visibility over their branches ect. The same goes for RA's and their brokers and office' etc..

So the user roles are
lowest to highest
LO, Branch manager, Area manager, Corporate
RA, Broker, Office, Company

I have seen hierarchy plugins but ones that are directly related to site hierarchy not user hierarchy, but the challenge is that it's has to be fluid in that it not based on role but more user link or assignment.

BTW each RA and LO can have their own site on my network so this solution must be able to transcend domains.

Is there a plugin or plugins that can help me with this?

Thanks in advance for the help...

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, DJ!

    We might be able to do this with Membership or Protected Content combined with Directory. You could create specific subscriptions for each layer of user, and create different directory listings for each level as well, by creating a new taxonomy for Listings, the directory custom post type. This would give you a slug, such as, that you could then protect from other user groups that shouldn't see it.

    It gets a little tricky when it comes to allowing some members of some groups to see some members of some other groups, and even trickier when we talk about passing members of one group around between members of another group, however. I think that quickly becomes out of scope for what either of our plugins can do without pretty extensive customization. I hit the plugin repo, and I'm not seeing something as robust as what you need there, either.

    I did find this, which has a free version, as well, that looks like it might also hit a lot of the sweet spots in your plan:

    There are several plugins that will let you gather info on leads, but not many to actually manage them within your site, do you think the plugin I linked might work?

    Thanks for your question!

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