Member Management Access Conflict with Event Espresso

We are building out a site using Membership to manage a fairly large association with lots of members. The core functionality of the membership plugin is VERY important to us.

That said, event registration is also critical to this project. Since we had to have something to begin building on, we reviewed all of our options and went with Event Espresso. The most important criteria? We have to be able to offer member discounts for events.

Now that we’ve got all of the plugins installed, I can’t access the member management tools. Worse, members who want to join/renew to receive the member discounts can’t do that and register for the event, as the only way I’ve found to access member management is to turn off Event Espresso’s member discount module.

The basic problem is that both plugins are calling wp-admin/admin.php?page=members (as per this post:

I am hoping that someone has found a workaround for this problem, or suggest a place for us to start coming up with a workaround. And yes, we’ve already suggested using a discount code versus an automatic discount, but the client is not satisfied with that solution.

All ideas happily welcomed!

Thanks –