Member not appearing under Edit Members

I registered a member using membership plugin but the member don't show when I go to Edit Members.

Under edit/Levels
1. I set up a stranger level and it is activated
2. User subscription is set to Free Membership
3. Registration page is set to none
4. Under Edit Subscriptions Free Membership is Activated and Made public

Edit Levels is activated
Edit/Subscriptions is activated and made public
Membership is Enabled

I used the Wordpress default registration page to sign up the member since I am not charging members to register per instructions. I see two membership subscriptions on the Membership page but only myself as admin on the Edit/Members page where the new member should also appear.

I will like the system to automatically add new members as they register. How do I accomplish this?

  • drdave


    Well here is what it's doing

    After registering new members...
    user1 did not show up
    user2 showed up
    user3 did not show up
    user4 showed up
    user5 did not show up

    Again to be clear. User 1,3,5 did not show up on the Edit Members page but user 2 and 4 did.
    These members were registered as Free Members and it is the only option I have setup for Membership.

    However, in Super Admin/Users I see all five members.

    Need to fix this problem.

    I can provide snapshots but I cannot show the client's site per their request.

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