Member Page Navigation Alignment - Needs to Clean Up the Look

A few of the member navigation sections need to be cleaned up some....take a look at the attached images:

1. Group Topic Navigation (notice where the ACCEPT & REJECT buttons are placed.
2. Member Group Navigation (notice the EDIT TOPIC, STICKY TOPIC, etc. text links are....)

Both are pretty messy at this point.....

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @topracer: Try this:

    div#topic-meta div.admin-links {
        top: 80px;

    Put in your child.css. That will hopefully get around the second screenshot - Richie should be able to help with the first.

    Whilst it's not an ideal solution it may work in the meantime whilst I flag this for Richie to take a look at it as he may know of a fix or have one brewing about this. I can replicate so that is at least offering this solution but I have not tested the full impacts also of it being on your personal set up.

  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    hi try add this to custom.css or bp-css.css

    .invites li p {
    width: 380px;
    font-size: 0.95em !important;

    div#topic-meta div.admin-links {


    remove tammie's suggest css code first before adding the new css so it won't conflict..:slight_smile:

  • topracer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Not sure where this goes...please give full path to the correct file. I'm currently looking at the 'style.css' file in bp-child theme that the right file? Here is what it has in it and I'm not sure where to put it....pls advise.

    Theme Name: BuddyPress Corporate Child Theme
    Theme URI:
    Description: Child Theme - A massively customizable BuddyPress theme that might be suitable for a more corporate look and feel - 8 preset variations to choose from. Compatible with WordPress with or without BuddyPress, WordPress MU with or without BuddyPress and WP/WPMU installation with BuddyPress 1.2+ only.
    Version: 1.3.3
    Author: Richie KS at Dezzain Studio (incsub)
    Author URI:
    WDP ID: 91
    Template: bp-corporate
    Tags: buddypress, White, Grey, Three Column, Two Column, Right Sidebar, Fixed Width, Custom Colors, Custom Header, Theme Options, Threaded Comments

    Copyright 2007-2010 Incsub (
    The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL:

    - fixed function error when buddypress not activated/installed

    - add redirect options in privacy theme settings
    - refine load_theme_textdomain() function call
    - add multi category selections for featured article and featured slideshow
    - add new custom widgets like flickr, twitter and featured post multi-category widget

    - fix link color in preset style drop downs
    - remove userbar and optionbar objectnav and place in default location
    - add https SSL detected mode
    - fix function error siteurl() to site_url() in call-signup.php

    - added new WordPress 3.0 custom menu support
    - added featured articles options for articles mode or slideshow mode with attachment or custom field thumbnail options
    - added multi level drop down navigation
    - added compatible with latest WordPress 3.0 and BuddyPress
    - replace incudes() with locate_template() for better child theme support
    - fixed bug trac

    - add border line for activity stream
    - update adminbar to new bp 1.2 style
    - fixed adminbar dropdown missing in sub blog

    - Updated documentation

    - fixed missing filter option in activity
    - fixed group options_nav issue
    - fixed navigation ruling when in multiblog mode

    - fixed recent sitewide blockquote padding issue
    - fixed group item-content css overlay issue
    - replace php theme option stylesheet with style sync theme option for better compatible with various server host

    - added compatible with BuddyPress 1.2+
    - added compatible with single wordpress install or wpmu install with or without BuddyPress enable.
    - frontpage activity stream support
    - added child theme support

    - added privacy option and article block on and off
    - added global adminbar option
    - fix components css
    - added dropdown navigation
    - fixed directory templating
    - img overflow fixed
    - added the ability to let only admin and mod create group
    - added widget to profile page
    - fixed footer widget css
    - add default style for extra component without breaking the original css.

    - fix forum directory css
    - fix double facebook fbc_login with bp-fbconnect
    - fix adminbar css across all blogs

    - facebook core code changed that changed their css fb_login needed to recss
    - remove current-site option in navigation so site link did not link to main blog
    - recss item class for members-list
    - you can comment out the main-column.php if you do not want to used the home news feature

    - added support for facebook Connect plugin

    - added compatible with bp 1.1 new theme structure

    /* Font styles */

    /* loading all wp and bp parent css */
    @import url( ../bp-corporate/_inc/css/base.css );
    @import url( ../bp-corporate/_inc/css/global.css );
    @import url( ../bp-corporate/_inc/css/default.css );
    @import url( ../bp-corporate/_inc/css/bp-css.css );
    @import url( ../bp-corporate/_inc/css/custom.css );

    /* loading adminbar child css */
    @import url(_inc/css/adminbar.css );

    /* loading child theme css */
    @import url(_inc/css/child-style.css);

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