Member Profile Pages Are Not Private

I am using Simple Membership and WP Private Content Plus to keep my members' information private. All works as it should, UNLESS you enter the URL of a member directly into the address bar.

Example: Do not login. Go to

You will see the profile for member "test". This should not be possible.

My Members page is Private. See screenshot

But I don't know how to make the actual member profiles private. Would appreciate any help.

Thanks! Support Access is granted.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello, Mary!

    I checked the site (as a visitor) and it seems that the membership/content privacy plugin actually does what it’s supposed to do: it is protection “Members” page. Take a look (as a visitor) here:

    You’ll be immediately redirected to the “This Content Is Reserved For Members Only” page, which is exactly what’s set up in plugin’s configuration. I do understand, however, that you expect the plugin to protect also profiles themselves. I’d expect it either but it seems that your members/privacy plugins simply don’t “include” child/sub-pages of a protected page currently.

    I’m not well familiar with how these two plugins work but I tested them both on my end and I wasn’t able to make them hide BP profiles too. Furthermore, I didn’t find any relevant information on the web that could help us set such a protection. For Simple WP Membership plugin there are some outdated announcements of “BuddyPress Integration” add-on but it looks like it’s never been released, after all. For WP Private Content Plus – the “plus” version of the plugin doesn’t really cover a lot of features. It seems like the “Pro” version is much more robust but still – I didn’t find any word on direct BuddyPress integration there and I’m not able to test the “Pro” (premium) version to confirm that.

    Therefore, I’m thinking of a bit different solution. There’s a “BP Simple Private” plugin that works well on my end. You can grab it from here:

    Once it’s installed, you’ll find a “BP Simple Private” section in site’s settings. Given that the other parts (members list) of BP are already protected with your membership plugin, enable protection just for “Member Profile Pages” (and optionally “Activity” and “Groups” if they are not protected yet) and the plugin will let only registered and logged in users access profiles. Other visitors (not logged in users) will simply by redirected to the homepage.

    The downside is that it does not integrate with your membership/content protection plugin but assuming that all your users are members of some memberships I think this kind of protection might suffice.

    Will that work for you?

    Best regards,


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