Member suspect his is under DOS attack

Someone is adding out of WordPress files again and again on my website. When I removed these 4 files my site stopped working. Is someone hacking my site?

  • Jordan
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    Hello Labham,

    Firstly I'm sorry to hear your site appears to be under an attack. As for DoS or Denial of Service, is an attack that works by sending malicious packets, or traffic, to a website in an effort of overwhelming the web server. You may have also heard about a DDoS attack, which is the same method, but DoS comes from a single source while DDoS, Distributed Denial of Service is an attack often launched from multiple compromised systems within a botnet.

    In light of that, I do not think you are under a DoS or DDoS attack. Instead, someone could have access to your FTP so you should look to reset these to be on the safe side. You should also make sure you recognise all the plugins and are from legitimate sources. Most importantly of all, always keep your WordPress installation, theme and plugins up to date wherever possible.

    As for these four files, could you share the name of these? If deleting them caused your site to stop working, it is likely they are being used by your theme, plugin or WordPress itself. Do you get a 500 error, for instance?


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