Members all see "Protected Content" after signing-up

Hi everyone,

My issue is one I only noticed when talking to my members. When they view my website ( logged out, they can see all things except the Pie PLUS+ only content (see the menu tab “Pie PLUS+ and listed pages with “(+Only)”:wink: – which is perfect. Again, the same thing happens when they’re logged into their WordPress accounts that are not yet upgraded to Memberships – which again, is fine.

However, my problem lies with those who sign up to my free membership Pie PLUS+ (see here: Upon completing registration every single part of my site becomes “Protected Content” except the Forum.

The only thing I have inputted into editing the Members Access Level is Positive Rules >> Pages >> All Pages and URL Groups >>* ….

Is the issue with me stating the URL group? Should I remove the /forum/ permalink and replace it with* to override the Positive Rule and allow access-all-areas?

Any help would be lovely!