Members are still charged by Stripe after canceling subscription

Customers cancel their subscription, and it shows being canceled on the website. They receive a confirmation as well.

However, stripe never gets notified, and the customer continues to be billed. Once billed, their account seems to become active.

When checking on the Stripe side, the members still have a subscription.

  • Panos
    • SLS

    Thanks for reporting this Sandra !

    Until this is fixed in next release, could you please replace file:


    with the one attached here.

    First, I would strongly suggest to rename the original file to something like class-ms-controller-member.php.orig, so you can keep it as a backup.

    After replacing file, you can test this by registering a test member, and after payment try cancel once again. I noticed you are using Stripe, so in order to confirm cancellation, go to your Stripe Dashboard > Billing > Subscriptions and check the status of that member's subscription. It should be set to Cancels in …. as highlighted in the following screenshot:

    Let us know if subscription in Stripe doesn't get cancelled.

    Kind regards!

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