Members' Avatar Gallery Doesn't Show All Members

I have a Gallery of my Members’ Avatars at

It uses a BuddyPress Shortcode plugin which is no longer supported, so I’d prefer to find another way.

I created a gallery according to the instructions at

It can be found at

I am only using the last part of the code – i.e. Random People You May Want to Meet. The code shows a maximum of 6 people. I want it to show ALL so I changed “6” to “0”, but the max number showing is only 20, so I tried changing it to 40 and then to 178. It still only shows 20. I then tried changing it to “all” but it showed none.

I would like this page to appear as my current page (with usernames and wider spaces) but the first thing to do is to make sure ALL members are shown. Can you help please?

Support Access is granted and FTP credentials are in the notes.

Thank you.