Members Can't Log In to Site

We have just launched a new site and have manually entered members who are prompted via email to set their own unique password. As of this morning, people aren't able to log in- I've gone in and reset passwords manually and I can't log anyone in either. Everyone is getting a "request failed" upon login. If someone is already logged in, it is working fine, but new users aren't able to sign in. Any ideas?

  • Patrick

    Hi there Miki

    I hope you're well today!

    How are you adding your users? I just logged into your site and added a new user under Users > Add New in your wp-admin. I could then login immediately with the username (WPMUDEVTEST) & password I had set there.

    I then went to Membership2 > Add Member and added the existing user to your membership. It all seemed to work just fine; I can logout & log back in again, and have access to my profile in wp-admin.

  • Miki

    Hello, I've been experimenting with adding and editing users this afternoon as well, and it seems to be working again. I've only had one not go through in the last few minutes- which is a huge improvement. I'm adding users and members just as you did. I'm not sure what was happening this morning, but I feel confident for now that whatever it was seems to have corrected itself... for now I'll say we're good to go! Thanks for checking.

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