members directory : localisation + config


I've installed members directory plugin. It works great, but I have 2 questions, or maybe suggestions for extension of the plugin:
1-localization) Where can I edit and change the "members" headings at the top of the members page? I need to change this because my site is in French. I have tried to set the language in Site Admin/ Options and in the admin blog Settings, but it does not affect the members page headings.
If these where configurable with params that would be great :wink:

2-config) I see a config section at the top of the plugin for the var $members_directory_base. What is that about ? I can't seem to find documentation on it.
I would like to be able to divide the list of members in 2 categories, or type, as I will have two levels of membership. Is there a way to do that?