Members Directory use BuddyPress Profile

Is there a way to make the members directory plugin work off BuddyPress profiles, as searching profiles is a powerful tool, however with a BuddyPress install that is where people are most probably going to have all their information?

I did come across this plugin: which puts a profile search bar on your members page, however this is open to everyone. I would like to limit it to member levels.

So the members directory appearing on a page that I can limit access to through the membership plugin is ideal, but is not much help on the WP profile.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    One way I can think of to do this would be limit access to your page with the profile search form to members through the membership plugin. Only members would be able to browse the page (like the “members” page – as specified in the link you provided) and access the search option. Wouldn’t that do the trick?

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @masonjames yes that is what I want to do, however the members directory plugin works off the wp profile and not buddypress profile. The buddypress profile has far more information that you set up, where the members directory works off the biographical information and the limited info in wp dashboard profile.

    The plugin I link to above puts a search bar at the top of your buddypress members page which anyone can access and search the membership plugin does not have an option to exclude access to much buddypress functionality (only groups and blogs).

  • Scott
    • Flash Drive

    Is there such a thing as an extensive member profile search for the new Buddypress 1.5, sort of what like dating sites have?

    I too would like to limit access to the page where the profile search form is located to only a certain level of members through the membership plugin. Does this work with Buddypress 1.5? I looked at the Membership plug-in page and it says it’s only for Multi-site. And other plug-in that works with Buddypress 1.5?

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