Members gateway setting

I can see that all members that have signed-up have ‘admin’ in the gateway column of the ‘All members’ page.

How do I change this as I don’t want members to be admins?

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    Hi @_776

    Welcome to the forums!

    The “admin” in that column does not refer to their role. It simply indicates that they have signed up using whatever payment gateway you, as admin, have set as the default gateway.

    Place your mouse pointer over the user and you will see a “Move” link appear beneath “admin”. Click that link, then on the screen that appears next, you can change the payment gateway used from the admin default to another gateway.

    Watch out though, that can seriously mess up their subscriptions! If you don’t have a valid reason to change things, don’t change ’em!

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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    Sorry to have missed your response here. Perhaps this thread got buried in the ticket system.

    So, they don’t actually have ‘admin’ privileges as a member?

    You are 100% correct here. They don’t have admin privileges as a member.

    Once again, apologies for missing your last response on the thread. Please feel to ask if you have more questions and I will be around.



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