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This is a non-buddypress site using the Membership Directory plugin. I'm using the membership directory as advertisements for the members, there are no member posts etc. just the bio.

Is there some way I can get the Membership Directory to display SOME of the member profile b4 clicking on the members name to view it?
I would like to limit the length of the bio displayed.

It would also be good to be able to extend the user profile by adding fields like I can with BuddyPress.

It also seems that the Search provided is only for the member names, not the content of the user profiles. Can I change this?

Maybe I'm going down the wrong path to accomplish this.


  • Philip John

    Hiya Larry,

    This plugin is a fairly simple one aimed at just providing a list. It simply pulls out the members and displays the names, keeping the overhead to a minimum.

    It would be possible to do what you ask and that would require modifying the plugin itself by adding a second database query into the members_directory_output() function which pulled the user meta data out as well as the basic details it already gets.

    That's not something I can really go into detail on here but if you have the skills or a developer at your disposal that should give you a starting block.


  • tishimself


    So if I was to make such a coding change to pull those fields would it change the Search scope?

    Maybe the Blogs Directory plugin will provide a similar challenge and I will need it too.

    I'm trying to use these two plugins rather than incur the overhead of BuddyPress. I certainly don't need all of the BuddyPress functionality for this site.

    Decisions, decisions. I can devote the time and effort in hopes of developing the fucntionality I need, add overhead to these plugins and end up with code I need to support, or I can use BuddyPress, disable as much as I can, accept the overhead of Buddypress which may be reduced with V1.5 and not have developed code I need to support.

    I think I will try using BuddyPress and see how it works out. If the overhead (including costly VPS memory) is too high, I can come back to try developing the code. I think I can get the site working more quickly this way even tho the overhead will most likely be higher.


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