Members not able to view their pages

I have my users in groups, and I have given those groups access to certain pages, but when they are now trying to log in, they are not able to view the protected pages.

They are able to use their username and password to login and it shows them logged in at the upper right corner, but when they click on a page link, it acts like it logs them out, and they get the access is denied page. I have everything set up like I did last year and didn't have any issues with this, but now I can't get anyone to access their protected pages. I have the support connection open if someone wants to take a look and see if I have something set up wrong.


More info: It appears to happen to all users on Windows 10 and Edge, I was able to get some of the accounts to work with other browsers, but the 2 accounts I know are not working are Sue Lee and Deb Pimm. I can get Peter Berg and Lori Roth to work and also know that a few others are working....I don't see that these 2 accounts are set up any differently.