Members Plugin isn't doing what it's supposed to


The plugin "members" which is the main reason for me joining the WPMUDEV service roll is not working, 1- when a user makes a payment (through 2co) they are not redirected back to the site, 2- the user is not added to the membership level which they have PAID for, 3- its difficult to manage what the user sees after they log in, all i want is for users to view archived articles, i.e articles in the "Archived" category. 4. categories that are "protected" no longer appear on search querries if the user is not logged in, doesn't that defeat the purpose of attaching them to pay?

is there any way your support team can help me with this? points 1-3 are more important; i dont mind providing you with access to the site for configuration purposes etc, I just want it to work.

  • Patrick

    Hi @Asen

    Welcome to the forums!

    A couple of questions for you...

    1 & 2: Is your payment gateway set to live or test mode? Have you double-checked that the Seller ID & Secret Word are the right ones for the mode you have enabled? Have you added your global instant notifications URL to your account at 2checkout without any spaces or extra characters?

    3: I presume by that you mean not-logged-in visitors can see everything except the Archive category, correct? In that case, add the Categories rule to the negative rules area of the access level you use for your Stranger Setting (not-logged-in) and check the Archive category.

    For your premium subscription, simply do not any rules at all. That way, they have access to everything when they login.

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