Members Subscription and Memberlevels not showing in the all member section

So, I been having this problem on the above site and made a completely new install of the site on to see if I could rectify the problem and no I wasn't been four days now and I can't afford any more time losses.

Its a simple set up really I have two user levels and a visitor level. Two subscriptions basic and premium upon registration users can pick a subscription they desire and then login.

If I set the User registration in the general options tab to none then they register and can login but never get anything more then what visitors see even though they registered for a specific sub. Upon looking at the all members area I see they have a user name and email and active but, no sub or mem credetials.

Now if I change the User registration in the general options to either basic or premium then depending on what I choose to put in the user registration that is exactly what they will get even though they subscribed to a different sub, and in this case under all members the user does get a sub and mem level. Just not the correct one, you will get whatever was in the user reg field on gen opt.

I need someone to go into the site and see what is going on and a resolution to this.

I just need users to get the options they are suppose to be able to subscribe to....seems simple