Members with multiple subscriptions

In Membership, I have 2 levels setup:
1. Guest - all site visitors & those who register for the affiliate subscription
2. Premium - access to everything. In my positive rules, I have enabled a shortcode [Training] & a url group to enable bbPress access.

There are two subscriptions:
1. Affiliate - allows users to register an account with the guest level & create affiliate links.
2. Annual Premium - allows access to everything for an annual fee.

Here's the problem:
A visitor registers as an affiliate, but then decides to get a premium subscription. Now he has two active subscriptions: affiliate & premium. When trying to access content in the shortcode or url group mentioned above he is denied access. In order to give the user access, I have to go into the dashboard and drop their affiliate subscription. I don't even know they have the problem until I get an email. This obviously isn't good for me or my subscribers.

Any suggestions?

You can sign up as an affiliate and then buy a subscription here to test :slight_smile: