Membership 1.1 beta

Hi gang

Attached to this post is the initial v1.1 beta version of the membership plugin. It has some nice new functionality included, some more radical changes to functionality and some bug fixes. It doesn’t have the full feature set I want to get into the v1.1 release – but as a bit of the plugins behaviour has changed, I thought it wise to get some feedback on that.

Changed functionality:

1. The plugin will now work with supporter and non-“admin” users. It detects who initially activates the plugin on a site and will give them permissions to administer the plugin. If you do not want this behaviour to occur – then add the following line to you wp-config.php file:


2. Persistent configuration – you can now add configuration defines in your wp-config.php file so that they will persist after updates.

3. No Access page now redirects – rather than replacing a pages content with the no access message, it will now redirect to the no access page – in my opinion this is nicer behaviour and more search engine friendly.

4. URL Groups settings and rule – this is the most powerful rule in the new membership plugin. It allows you enter individual urls or regular expressions that you want to allow (or restrict) access to – even BuddyPress pages.

5. Getting started steps – A new helpful little box on the Membership admin dashboard to guide you through the set up.

I’ve got some more special bits and pieces to go in the final version (some you may find hints at in this version) but do let me know what you think so far.