membership 2 and denying access to users

It seems the only way to allow access is to grant it via the protection rules. What I'd like to do is DENY access the same way. For example, let's say there are three membership types, A, B, and C, plus D for the default membership type for those that aren't in the first 3, plus a G for guests.

Then you go through the process of the "Protection Rules".

At the moment I'm only interested in the menu items although this applies probably to other sections as well.

On the menu items page, you select the ALL members and everyone automatically has access.

You can click on modify access and add which users have access and go through and select each page and select members: A, B, C and D. You do this for every menu item you want to restrict guests.

It would be advantageous if you could go through and add a "Who is DENIED access" membership and simply add Guest.

You could do this via modify access and automatically everyone is selected and remove those you don't want. A quick add or remove all, since removing is easier, just click the cross.

Is there a hook that can be used to modify or enhance the behaviour?