Membership 2 automatic updates switching off plugin

Hi we have a reoccurring problem when an automatic update happens on this website, where Membership2 is switching off (the error message in the plugins area is that it doesn't exist) and from looking at the WPMU dashboard on the site, it still appears to be there.
I noticed a support thread on this already which suggests deleting and reinstalling the plugin, which is what I have been able to do, sometimes it's possible to reactivate it but it's the basic level of the plugin so some of the add-ons we need for the site (additional profile fields) won't work. In order to fix it, I have to delete the plugin and try and delete the files via file manager and then reinstall via the hub. none of which is ideal as we only realise there is a problem when our client's customers report not being able to use the website. This has happened about 4 times in the last month.

Is there are a way to make it so that website updates don't cause this plugin to switch off please?

Best Wishes