Membership 2 conflicting with the theme

I have a site that is gatekept by Membership Pro, but when the user logs in the site using the Membership login form, they have to login again using the wp login form.

I performed the theme conflict test and figured that the issue fixes when I change the theme to the default theme.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi JJ

    I hope you're fine today and thank you for your question!

    I checked your site and I can see the issue there. However, I tried to replicate this on my own test setup and I wasn't able to.

    I used your theme (tried with both parent and child theme) and the same Membership 2 Pro memberships/protection configuration but that was still working as expected on my end. That would suggest that there's something more into it than just a theme conflict: it's most likely either some specific setting of a theme or a combination of the theme and some specific plugin.

    In this case a full conflict test would be fundamental as it would help reveal that additional factor or at least rule it out, confirming that it's strictly a matter of some specific setting aspect of the theme + membership 2 Pro. Would you please run such test? Here's a nice flowchart guide on how to do this:

    Let me know about test results and based on the outcome we'll then take further steps to solve the issue.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi JJ

    Thank you for performing the test and letting me know about results.

    I must admit I'm a bit stuck. I checked your site extensively again and I run multiple tests on my own setup again but I still wasn't able to reproduce this. I also checked your site install again via FTP against any possible redirects and to make sure that I'm using the very same exact parent and child theme as you are (in case there was any additional customization) - no luck.

    Since you were able to confirm that the issue happens only with the Basel theme, there simply must be either some part of code or some specific setting that's causing it or it's happening with a combination of this particular theme with specific configuration along with some specific setup of some additional plugin.

    I admit it's a tough issue but we'll keep "digging". I can see that you have changed the site a bit and now there's no login from but the button that points directly to the login form. I checked page revisions and I see that you tried different shortcodes there so I understand that none of them worked, including the default one


    correct? I'm just making sure as there was lot of changes made there. Let me know please, just to confirm and I think I'll then need to ask our developers for help.

    However, please note that due to the fact that nor I neither my colleague who also was checking that were able to replicate this, our developers would have to be testing that on your site so they'll most likely need to restore the original shortcode on the Protected Content page and they might also need to re-do conflict test or experiment with some settings. Would you be fine with that or you'd rather us not to do this?

    In such case, would you be able to set up a staging site (an exact copy on the same server) of the site in question so we could continue working there?

    Best regards,

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