[Membership 2] Incorrect expiration dates and out of sync Billing


I’m having an issue where multiple of our members have out-of-sync subscriptions. Let me explain: Let’s take user 345 (using ID’s for privacy purposes) who is subscribed to a monthly recurring membership. Since their membership is Active, their membership details on our site should show that the membership is active till the end of their current active period (till 2019-09-02). However, their membership details on our site show an expiration date 3 months in advance, giving them access to the account till 2019-11-28). Additionally, invoices for this user (which get paid via Stripe on the 17th each month) are also roughly 3 months out-of-sync. The last one was generated with a due date for the end of October.

And the above mentioned user is just one of many users with this issue. How can we get these users back in sync? Please help.

Since Panos is very familiar with our setup as he’s recently been helping fix various bugs with the Membership plugin, I’m enabling Support Access on the site specifically for him and request that he be the only one using the access to our website as this is a live site.



  • Panos
    • SLS

    Hi David @ BBS !

    Still haven’t managed to find a solution for this as it’s hard to replicate that with custom recurring payments. Will still give it some tries though. This is related to the invoice’s expiration date.

    For now a simple workaround would be to fix those dates upon the cron check. Here’s a snippet that should take care of those dates:

    You can download the zip, unzip it and upload the ms-expirationdates-oncron.php file to your wp-content/mu-plugins folder.

    After uploading it you can run the Cron job that handles the statuses of the Subscriptions. For running that there is a link at the bottom of the wp-admin > Membership 2 >Settings page : Check Membership Status changes (…:wink:

    Wait for a few minutes and then check the subscription’s expiration date.

    I would strongly suggest to try this out first on a staging site and keep frequent backups.

    Kind regards!

  • David @ BBS
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Panos Thanks for putting the time into this. The view of memberships with wierd out of sync statuses is super helpful. On one hand, I’m happy to report that the above MU-plugin did in fact update the expiration dates on a lot of the users. And it looks like it did so successfully. So I believe that this part (for now) has been an accomplished mission. Yay!

    Since the other part of this issue is documented in the other thread, I will continue the findings there (as not everything got resolved when it comes to that issue).


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