Membership 2 is causing 502 errors again


I am experiencing backend 502’s and have isolated it to the Membership 2 plugin again. I had this problem before.

Please advise.

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey jason, Michael here!

    Is there a specific action you’re taking inside of Membership 2 Pro before you start seeing 502 errors? Also, is the site in question hosted with WP Engine?

    I seem to recall the last time this occurred that with a site of yours on WP Engine, their Engineering department was looking into it. To quote their response:

    Based on what I’m seeing in our logs, all of the 502s can be traced back to an Apache segmentation fault. This usually arises when Apache is trying to access something in memory that it either doesn’t have access to or that doesn’t exist.

    Unfortunately, I’m not able to determine why this is happening. To help get to the bottom of that, I’m escalating to our Engineering team for further investigation.

    Please advise,


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