Membership 2 - Mailchimp address deletion

I have a single (free) Membership level defined.

When a new user registers, I have it set as a one step set-up to create the WordPress account and add the user to the Membership level. When a member is added their information is automatically added to a "Member" list in Mail Chimp (using the Membership 2 - Mail Chimp integration).

If a user is removed from the Membership level (through the Membership functions), then the Mail Chimp integration moves the information from the "Member" to the "Previous Member" mailing list.

I've also added the ability for a user to delete their whole account using the "Delete Me" plugin, which deletes the WordPress account.

However, when the user deletes their account, the Mail Chimp lists are not updated, even though the user is automatically removed from the Membership level.

Should Membership ping* Mail Chimp when a user is removed from a Membership level in response to the user account being deleted through WordPress?
(* i.e., move or delete the member as defined in the integration settings)

If so, what do I need to do to make that happen?

If not, is there another way to skin this "one step deletion" cat? (i.e., delete the WordPress account, remove the user from the Membership level, AND move the user from the first Mail Chimp list to the second list, all as one process)

Inquiring minds want to know!


John H.