Membership 2 Multi Membership

Hello to you,

I have a small problem with the "Memberships" plugin. On some package, I want to cancel another package at the registration of an individual.

For example, I have the package 1 package 2 package 3 package 4

My client is enrolled in package 1, and it changes for package 3 ... I want the registration of package 3, ca cancel the package 1.

I thought the memberships management options allowed everything, but no matter what configuration I'm applying, nothing works

Thank you for your help.

P.s, it is important to know that certain package can be combined and other not ...

For example the package 2 and 4 they can be used at the same time but if it registers to the 1 and the 3 ... to the inscription of 1 it cancel the 3 or to the inscription of 3 it cancel the 1