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I have just installed this plugin. Up to now I have custom coded this sort of functionality but I like the way Membership 2 seems to work. the only issue I have at this point is that My client will need to approve membership applications. I don't see any way to set it to require approval. Is this possible? If not, is there a straight forward way for me to code this in? API etc.?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @Titanium Creative,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Currently there's no "approve membership" option in Membership 2 Pro plugin but I agree it would make a great feature, so I'm moving this thread to our "Features and Feedback" forum and hopefully more members of our community will support the idea.

    That said, I think there may be a workaround for this. I'm not sure what's the desired workflow here so I'll just share some possible scenarios with you.

    1. Approve all registrations manually

    The "WP Approve User" is a plugin that changes WP registration workflow so all registrations will have to be approved manually. That's probably the simplest solution but the downside is that it will affect all registrations.

    2. "Doubled memberships"

    Here's an example:
    - there's a membership "A" that's the "real" membership that user is meant to signup for; it gives access to selected content and as intended to be "approved" by admin; it costs $100;
    - change this membership non-public so it could only be assigned manually by admin
    - create another membership "B": free and public but do not set it to give access to any any content

    Each user would be able to join "B" which becomes active instantly but do not give any access to protected content. Admin then goes through member list and as an "approval procedure" assign membership "A" to those of "B" members that he/she decides to approve. Once approved, user is taken automatically to "Account" page after login and is able to complete payment and his membership becomes active.

    This way you could handle many more memberships as you will always know for each "target" membership user had signed up (e.g. if signed for "B" then "A" is main membership to be approved; if "D" then "C", etc).

    3. Custom code

    Another option would be to custom code the feature using API calls described on your dashboard's "Membership 2 -> Help -> API Docs" page. I'm not able to give you a ready to use code though as this would be a bit outside the scope of this forum. In case you'd like to go this way though, please feel free to ask any questions you need and I'll be happy to provide you with some tips and knowledge on this.

    Best regards,

  • Titanium Creative

    I also discovered the invitation codes which could work for this client.

    I like the A-B membership work around. It's just a little cumbersome.

    Thanks for the pointer to the API. It looks awesome. I'll post back if I work anything out with that.

    I think the ideal work flow would be to add an option to the membership profile to require admin approval. then, anyone could apply but payment, if any, would be processed and the subscriber added to that membership only after the admin approves it.

    Thanks again!

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