Membership 2 plugin import feature hangs.

I created a CSV file to import 180 members, they show in the preview, but the process hangs when I start the actual import. I tried a bundle of 10 and then again 1 at a time, but neither get past the first step. Please help.

And On the matter of importing members: When I have imported them and set the status as active, how do I notify these members of their accounts and how do I set an initial password for them?

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there Roland

    I tested importing both your CSV file and the example CSV file from Membership 2 Pro in a local site of mine. While example file worked well (10 items per batch), yours didn’t, it was generating a 400 error (invalid syntax) in console. After further testing I realised that this is happening in the second loop of the process, so I was able to surpass that by splitting your 183-users file in half (100+83) and separately importing these two, using the Big (100 Items) option each time.

    Feel free to give it a try in your site like this and let me know about the results.

    I’ve also created a bug report for our developers. We’ll keep you posted here about any further development, please keep in mind that estimated time can’t be provided though. :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,


  • Roland
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    wrt the second part of my problem: How can I integrate membership with woocommerce? At the least I need to email members when a new product (actually an event – but I can’t use events since my payment gateway, PayGenius, doesn’t integrate with the event’s plugin) is published.

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