Membership 2 Pro and Attachment Protection

Is there a way to add Membership protections to attachments like you can for posts and pages? First of all to the attachment page so only users with proper permission can go to it and secondly some sort of hook into the download process so members have to have certain memberships to download certain files even if they have the url. something that would intercept the download process.

  • Olena
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    Yes, you can set attachment protection rules in Membership 2 Pro plugin. And you can set access rules by membership. The link to file will be changed.
    But if somebody knows or can figure out "real" URL for the file they could still access it. So you should set redirects on your server level so original file URL is redirected to new URL set by Membership plugin and then it will be protected by WordPress. We use WP Engine and I can set redirects manually.


  • Sajid
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    Hi Titanium Creative,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    You can protect the attachments via URL Protection add-on as suggested by Olena above.

    Olena and Titanium Creative we do have another Add-on using that you can protect individual media items and protect them being downloaded for visitors or non members of a membership.

    To enable URL Protection and Media Protection add-ons go to Admin -> Membership 2 -> Add-ons.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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