Membership 2 Pro and Buddypress registration PROBLEM

I have given 4 hours of my life trying to figure this out and am giving up and coming to you.

What I need seems like it should be pretty straight-forward. A buddypress with a simple 1-tier membership. Pay, you're in. don't pay, not in.

The issue is that I can't get the registration process to work well. I have the "protected content" page set to a nice / generic "home page" that explains the site. So anyone not registered can only see the home page (not the activity feed such is the default for buddypress).

When you click Sign Up, it takes you to the nice sign-up form, and once you click "complete sign up" , it takes you to another page (actually the URL says it's the same page) that says "please log in using the creds you just created". I have even included a login form right there to make the process even easier. The PROBLEM is once you sign in right there, it takes you back to the SIGN UP page. TOTALLY confusing any user.

I NEED them to be taken to some place where one click can allow them to pay for membership.

Desire: Sign Up -> Create an Account form -> Confirmation -> Pay