Membership 2 Pro and Coursepress Integration seems to require double opt-in

My issue with the Memership 2 pro and Coursepress Integration is that it seems to require a double opt in with paid memberships. As I am currently configured, a customer must first register for a course by purchasing their Membership, then they must find the associated course under the "courses" tab and then go through a two-step process to "enroll" in the class. This is a lengthy and confusing process and is costing me customers. I have searched high and low for information to streamline the process to no avail, and this is after having dropped my expectations for how I wanted the whole system to work initially (integration is not flexible enough), which you can check out on other tickets I have submitted.
Recently I thought I had a fix to take out some of the confusion, when I put protection on the "course" (not unit, or module, but course). When I first made the change, only the course associated with the membership purchased would show up on the page associated with the "courses" tab generated by coursepress. However, two days later customers said they couldn't enroll in the course(membership) they had just purchased because it wasn't showing in the "courses" tab associated page. Maybe I am crazy, but it all seemed to be working fine on outside tests, then it just changed the way it functioned two days later.
As a work-around I have "posted" the enrollment process on most pages of the site, but am not really happy with that as it seems to be the antithesis of an intuitive system.

  • Craig
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    Thank you for responding so quickly. I am going to give you an idea of what I want final workflow to be like so that perhaps you can keep me from focusing on subjects that may be irrelevant.

    The desire is to have a combination of Free/Paid Course offerings listed by subject matter on the front page (Which I have made - Pages>FIND A PROGRAM OF STUDY).

    The student can choose a course (combination of finite/indefinite), pay/enroll in said class and be automatically sent to dashboard to take the course. The student should be able to have a combination of both Free/Paid and finite/indefinite courses so that new courses, specials and upgrade offers can easily be offered to them.

    Currently my custom front page has a graphic for the course/membership and the shortcode for the associated membership "signup" is underneath. In order to take the class, the student must:
    1.) Sign up for the membership and pay(or not, of free).
    2.) They are then redirected to the "Thank You" page, where I had to post a graphic to direct them to the courses tab to "enroll" in the course.
    3.) Once at the courses tab (courses archive page), they have to find their course click on details, then get redirected to the course page where they can click on the enroll button.
    4.) They are then redirected to the dashboard, where they have to click on "details" next to the course, under "current courses", which redirects to course page where they have to click on "start learning" (I may have gotten one of those wrong, I am doing this by memory).

    Here is my issues with the process:

    A) This is a fairly convoluted process in terms of the number of steps.
    B) After the customer registers, they must go to the courses archive page to find their course to enroll. However, all of the courses offered are listed, and, they are listed as free because the payment is being handled by Membership 2 pro. My fix for this was to protect each "course" in the custom post section by it's associated membership, which seems to work if you only have one membership, but if you have a combination of memberships, the courses archive page comes up as "No Courses Found", so customer cannot enroll for the course they have already paid for.
    C) I would like to be able to skip steps 2 and 3 above, and have the "details" button next to the current course in the student dashboard say "start learning" and link directly to the course content.
    D) If C is not possible, I would at least like to skip step 2 and have only the recently paid for course/membership show up on the course archive page.
    E) The "Enrollment Process" Graphics are taking up space to do any future internal marketing

    I hope that clears things up. I have already granted access to the site.

    Thank you in advance for your help

  • Nastia
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    Hello Craig

    My apologies for late reply.

    The CoursePress and Membership 2 do not integrate with each other and I'm afraid that this is a little bit complex to achieve.

    If you have several memberships, you can try to set up protection rules for each course and unit separately (each custom post item) by enabling the "Individual Custom Posts" module in the Memberships 2 > Add-ons.

    Only make sure that you give a different title to units and courses to tell them apart:

    This way you can protect courses that does not belong to a specific Membership, and they will not be visible to members.

    I believe this will fix the option B that you have posted above. And it's close to option D.

    Currently the number of steps that member takes cannot be changed out of the box. The member needs to be enrolled in a course to proceed to details.
    To achieve something like this, will require a lot of custom coding.

    It's doable, please feel free to post a new job in a Jobs & Pros section so a skilful developer can do this for you.

    Now the system seems to be having trouble with the basic protection rules, and customers are not able to take courses.

    I have created an account on your site and didn't have issues enrolling into a course. Would you please elaborate and let us know which content users try to access and they can't.

    Do they see any errors?

    Please advise,


  • Craig
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    I changed the protection rules to URL protection on the course, and custom post types on everything else. This seems to be why everything is working now, however, no matter which combination of protection rules, I get one of two results:

    1) The course archive page shows "No courses found", or
    2) The course archive page shows all courses.

    When membership 2 came out the protection rules changed, and negative rules were eliminated. I hate to be a bummer, but I think you took out a lot of the flexibility of the software when you (not you personally...) did that. I am pretty sure this would not be an issue if negative protection was available. The major problem is that the all or none option for presentation seriously limits the functionality and flexibility of the integration.

    I would like to suggest that for someone using this software for a commerce site, this is an essential fix.

  • Nastia
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    Hello Craig

    I hope you are doing well today!

    1) The course archive page shows "No courses found", or

    When a whole course is protected it does show for non-subscribers the "No courses found" message.

    2) The course archive page shows all courses.

    Would you please let me know when does it happens, does the protected courses are visible to visitors? Under what circumstances a user have access to all courses?

    If you are looking for more flexibility, for example, let everyone enroll, but protect some parts of the units, you can achieve this with the protection content shortcode, replace the ID with your membership's ID:
    [ms-protect-content id="ID"][/ms-protect-content]

    In case you have suggestions that will help us to improve the CoursePress plugin, we would really like to hear them.

    Please feel free to post them in the Features & Feedback forum.

    Kind Regards,

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