Membership 2 Pro and Ultimate Facebook

Hi guys,

I've decide to try this again, hopefully with some support this time around. I purchased the subscription previously but couldn't setup the plugins to work with each other and didn't have time to test etc.

So, I have now Membership 2 pro and Ultimate Facebook. I need a very simple signup process that has the following workflow:

1. user visits landing page
2. clicks 'get started' button
3. registers with one click using Ultimate FB
4. user automatically added to the only membership subscription level
5. receives 14 day free trial until payment is due
6. access is blocked on day 14 and request for payment and billing info.

Is this currently possible using just these two plugins?

Many thanks,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @sk,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    Unfortunately M2 registration form doesn't have option to use Facebook so your workflow mentioned above will not work.

    What you can do is create page with this shortcode [wdfb_connect] which will show facebook login button, however it will not assign membership automatically, so now you will need to add shortcode to show your membership like this [ms-membership-signup]
    So your page should look like this:


    This should allow you to login with FB and then subscribe for your membership.

    For the last two steps you need to activate Trial add-on from Membership 2 > Add-ons that will allow you to add trial period to your membership.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

  • sk

    ok thanks for the info Predrag. It's a shame though as i was hoping that the plugin would allow people to sign up and automatically be subscribed to the trial period. At the moment they have to signup and then click the subscribe button and then click another button once subscription is complete :slight_frown:

    Is there no way for users to automatically join the free trial ? Or even join a free membership and then have them have to upgrade to the paid one after 14 days?

    Many thanks so far,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Sean,

    Apologies on the delay here, it's been quite a busy week.

    Unfortunately with Facebook API changes registration with FB on Membership form is not currently possible.

    With default WP registration you can accomplish this by using below shortcode:
    [ms-membership-register-user membership_id="10"]
    This will create registration form that will automatically assign membership with ID 10 to registred user.

    Best regards,

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