MEMBERSHIP 2 PRO and User-specific subscriptions

Hi there,

I am using Membership 2 Pro plugin, and I need very specific functionality that will allow admin to set the user's Membership plan manually, but the user should pay before he gets upgraded.

So, I am using Membership 2 Pro and Free Membership type for all users that fill the registration form. They become registered users with FREE "New User" Membership type. Also, I prevented auto-login and user is not emailed with the password, nor he can input the password on the sign-up form. Our goal is to receive a user's application, and then if we approve it, we manually assign the user to particular PAID membership type that way that user should pay to activate his subscription. Also, at that time username and password will be e-mailed to him so that he can access the subscriptions page and proceed with its subscription.

However, I am having the issue with manual assignments because whenever I (as admin) set the user to particular Membership type, the user is automatically switched to that Membership and it became Active immediately.

So all that I need is to force the logged in user to use that subscription and PAY it! It should behave like he owned that Membership plan, and subscription expired.

Any chance you can help me with this?

Thank you!

  • James Morris

    Hello Igor Trlin,

    I hope you are well today.

    I'm afraid what you're asking goes beyond the capabilities of Membership 2 Pro and would require a significant amount of custom coding to accomplish. However, there may be a workaround to your issue...

    In Membership 2 Pro there are add-ons. There is the Invitation Code add-on that you could use to send an invite to specific memberships, thus only allowing members to subscribe to the membership of your choosing. This would, of course, force the user to pay prior to having access.

    See screenshot:

    If the functionality you are wanting is absolutely essential to your business, you could post your requirements in the Jobs & Pros board and see if a fellow member would be willing to take on this very specific custom coding request.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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