[Membership 2 Pro] Batch update to Email Reponses

Please enhance Automated Email Responses to allow setting changes for multiple templates at once.

The problem to be fixed is that we need to open each template to see if the Admin is getting emails.

This enhancement could be a single batch setting for Active, and Copy to Admin, for several templates.

This could be a display to see all emails and their settings as well.

This could be just more info in the dropdown template selector. The dropdown does show Email/No Email, but for those templates that are active we still need to go into each one to see if there is an Admin copy. So just show a trailing "(Admin)" in the text.

Or perhaps this could start as simply as a toggle to Activate All, and to BCC Admin for All.

Side note, please increase the default width of the template dropdown. It's unnecessarily small, text gets cutoff, and there's a horizontal scrollbar in the dropdown:
[span class="select2-dropdown wpmui-select2 select2-dropdown--below" dir="ltr" style="width: auto; min-width: 274px; position: relative;"]
I increased that 274 to 400 and it looks great.