Membership 2 Pro: Collect credit card for membership trial

Currently, when trial is enabled for a paid membership, users are not requested for credit card details on signup. Can that be implemented in Membership to allow collection of CC details on rial?

    • Matt
      • WPMU DEV Initiate

      Thanks Ash!

      Ideally you capture the card details on sign up then bill them after the trial period ends. The reasoning for this is once the user has signed up for the free month and entered card details they will most likely forget and leave it where as if they have to wait for the trial to expire before being prompted for card details they most likely won’t continue. From a business perspective I find this will be very useful.

      I would also recommend the ability to overwrite the membership price for certain months. So for example, if you was offering the first month half price, it would be handy to customise this. Or if you offered a membership to someone for half price we could amend just that client a discounted membership. I think that will need to go on a different request though.

      Many thanks,


      • Ash
        • WordPress Hacker

        Yeah, I understand the scenario. But M2 is designed in a slightly different way. M2 doesn’t store the card number at all, even not after the trial period.

        The card is charged by the gateway and send webhook or IPN request that is received by M2 and then renews the membership.

        Anyway, thanks for the details about the suggestion, I believe the developer will take a look at the possibilities of this and if possible, then they will surely integrate it :slight_smile:

        Have a nice day!



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