[Membership 2 Pro] Companies and Members

I'm looking to create a website where a company can create an account as company and members can create a member account but these members can be connected to a certain company. For example:
Company A is created and has a page which shows a description and which members are affiliated with this company.
Person A is affiliated with Company A and has it's own page.
I hope it's somewhat understandable.

The question is: Is there a kind of plugin for this? I selected Membership 2 Pro as product because I think this was as close as I can get to this.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi ROIverhogen

    The Membership 2 Pro currently doesn't support "group" or "umbrella" memberships so you can't create a "membership with sub-memberships". I think you could try something like that: create memberships that your companies could sign up and after they do you would manually create additional memberships.

    Let's say a "SuperFirm" signed up. Once they're active member, you create a new membership named "SuperFirm Clients" and set it to require invitation codes. Then you create an invitation code specifically to this particular membership and hand it out to the SuperFirm representative.

    Then the SuperFirm can just distributed a direct membership signup link (for "SuperFirm Clients" membership) along with the invitation code in any way they want.

    That's sort of a workaround, though still apart from the "membership name" there wouldn't be a connection between these memberships. It would probably be possible to create some customization (via custom developed code based on Membership 2 Pro API), though.

    As for other plugins. There is some of them but I admit I'm not that much familiar with their features so let's keep that question open so other Members could suggest other solutions for you :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    • ROIverhogen
      • Marketing Master

      Thanks for your reply Adam Czajczyk ,
      I think I understand what you mean. Unfortunately the correlation between the Firm and its members is mandatory for the client. Also both the Firm and the member need to have their own page with description of their specialties and short story.
      The idea is that when you visit a firm page there is a sidebar containing its specialists, and when you click on a specialist you go to this specialists profile.

      It's a real tough one to be honest. Even in trying to explain it.


      • Adam Czajczyk
        • Support Gorilla

        Hi Bjorn!

        Yeah, that might be touch one, indeed. I can imagine that being custom developed, based on some additional custom posts, some "access control" with Membership 2 Pro and some additional custom code based on both WP native functions and M2P API but still, that might turn out to be complex.

        Unless there is a "ready to use" solution but to be honest I don't think I ever came across any.

        Maybe one of the other "membersip" plugins can cover some sort of "multi-level" memberships and at the same time exposes some sort of API - that could make it easier - but I'm not that familiar with them to give any recommendations, I'm afraid :slight_frown:

        Best regards,

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