Membership 2 Pro Custom "add-on"?

Is it possible to have a custom add-on created for use with Membership 2 Pro? If so, do you have any suggestions for someone I could connect with to discuss and get a quote?

We’re considering using an LMS (possibly CoursePress, but we’re looking at two others also), and would like to be able to setup memberships that could include the ability to set auto-enrollment in specified courses. I already have the code needed to do that as a plugin with hard-coded values for the membership id and course id for one of the LMS systems we’re considering, but I’d like to see about changing that to an add-on where the course auto-enroll per membership could be done within the membership settings rather than having to recode a plugin every time we add a new membership or course.

Would such an add-on for Membership 2 Pro be difficult to achieve?