[Membership 2 Pro] Custom Post Type / Taxonomy Protection

Is there anything special we need to do in order to add protection rules to Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies?

We're registering them through traditional methods – we see the add-on for Categories, Custom Posts, and Individual Posts. We've activated those add-ons but are not seeing on a per term or post custom post basis the metabox or area to restrict that post / term to a membership.

Under Protection Rules we see Categories but not Custom Taxonomies. Is there something we can add per term to restrict that term to a certain membership? Is there something we're missing during registration that's preventing them from appearing in Protection Rules?

We also see Custom Post Type Items but all our post types are grouped together and each post individually is missing the content protection box. Is this something we can add in on or after registering the post type via "supports" or "add_meta_box()"?

In the end, we're hoping that we can restrict Custom Post Type Posts and Custom Taxonomy Terms on a per post and per category basis instead of going through the Protection Rules page which groups everything together ( also, it doesn't show our custom taxonomies ).