[Membership 2 Pro] Customize Look of Registration Page

I'm developing a custom theme and am wondering if there's some kind of template to override of functions to call to help me heavily modify the look of the registration page.

Instead of stacked membership types I want to do columns with custom images and some custom text ( such as membership benefits and such ). I haven't found anything in the documentation regarding overriding this, just modifying the CSS which is not quite what I'm looking to do.

If not the alternative would be to loop through the memberships and recreate the forms.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello IQComputing ,

    Membership 2 Pro has templating system that allows to override the default pages like Memberships list:

    Template Hierarchy

    By default Membership 2 will render the page contents defined in your Membership 2 Pages using the themes standard template for single pages. However, you can customize this very easy by creating special template files in the theme.

    Account Page
    1. m2-account.php
    2. Default single-page template

    Membership List Page
    1. m2-memberships-100.php (Not the list, only checkout for Membership 100)
    2. m2-memberships.php
    3. Default single-page template

    Registration Page
    1. m2-register-100.php (Not the list, only checkout for Membership 100)
    2. m2-register.php
    3. Default single-page template

    Thank-You Page
    1. m2-registration-complete-100.php (After subscribing to Membership 100)
    2. m2-registration-complete.php
    3. Default single-page template

    Protected Content Page
    1. m2-protected-content-100.php (Page is protected by Membership 100)
    2. m2-protected-content.php
    3. Default single-page template

    Invoice Layout
    1. m2-invoice-100.php (Used by all invoices for Membership 100)
    2. m2-invoice.php
    3. single-ms_invoice.php
    4. Default invoice template by Membership 2

    You will find this information on site wp-admin: Membership 2 -> Help - Customize Membership 2.

    Also please note that you can add custom information for each of your memberships when you edit those memberships. There is field there for Description in Details tab:

    kind regards,

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