Membership 2 Pro does not send invoice details in emails

In Automated Email Responses, for both of my memberships, I have added the text:

"Here's the details of the plan you selected:"

Beneath that text I added the shortcode: %ms-invoice%.

When the emails arrive to a new user, all that is seen is:

"Here's the details of the plan you selected:"

The invoice details are not shown.

What to do?

Support Access is ON.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Don!

    I'm not able to replicate this on my own site, I was able to get an invoice in email. We could have a couple of issues happening here.
    1. The email service where the emails are sent isn't showing the embedded content.
    2. The content isn't being embedded before it's sent. I'm leaning towards this one, since I'm assuming you've seen this in more than one email service, or you members have.

    This makes me thing we might have a plugin conflict going on. There's a pretty quick check for this, but you'll need to do work with some test users with email accounts you can access to see if the emails are sending the invoice. Here's the guide:

    Let me know what this reveals!

  • Don

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for your help!

    I followed the "Getting Support Flowchart."
    All themes/plugins are most recent.
    Deactivated all plugins.
    Switched to WP default theme.
    htaccess/wp-config are correct as far as I know....
    Same problem.

    I also deactivated and reactivated Membership 2...same problem.

    Also, I noticed that in Membership Add-ons, there are add-ons such as, Coupon that are not available to me; they are marked "Pro Version" and I have Membership 2 Pro version Yet on the version there is marked: Version

    I am totally confused.
    Do I have Membership 2 Pro?
    Do I have the correct version?
    Why don't I have access to certain add-ons?

    And most distressing is I can't figure out why other variables (%username%) work fine in Automated Email Responses, but %ms-invoice% does not.

    This site is not yet open for business, so I have deleted test accounts and will add a new test user to start over again if you have any further suggestions.

    Support Access is ON.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey Don!

    You figured it out, you're using the free version of Membership. That's not your fault, there are a few steps you need to do to get pro.

    1. Remove the current version of Membership 2 you have installed, so deactivate and delete it.
    2. Go to the Plugins tab of the WPMU DEV dashboard (the same place you enabled support access, but a different tab.)
    3. Search, install, and activate Membership 2 from our dashboard.
    4. Go to the site plugins menu, and make sure you're seeing version

    That's exactly why this isn't working, sending an invoice in email isn't a feature in the free version. I should have put that together quicker!

    Once you're using Pro, you should be in great shape here. :slight_smile: