Membership 2 Pro Dripped Content Process Documentation; does it exist?

The Way I see it, this is how a dripped content membership system should work...

I have painstakingly gone through a massive process to create a membership system that for all intents and purposes should be possible based on everything (which isn't much) I have read and heard (which again... isn't much) because you don't have any respectable documentation for this application.

Nevertheless, you have created a membership program that by definition, leads the end user to believe certain processes are not only possible, they're standard. Going into this my expectation have been high and for the life of me I can't figure out if I'm doing this right (because, dare I say it again... there is no substantial documentation).

I setup Membership 2 Pro as define( "MS_PROTECT_NETWORK", true ); with the understanding that this gave me the ability to make subsites and the content on them accessible by specific Membership Levels.

Members join and pay for their membership on the main network site and depending on the package they choose, they have access to certain subsites (this appears to be working as expected). From a specific subsite that we have assigned their membership level to (all memberships levels are drip memberships), they then have access to the content. Some of the content is accessible immediately but most of the content is designed to be delivered to them (drip). Some content will be released every 7 days, some content will be available once per month and other content will be available by date.

To keep this from becoming a novel, I will illustrate one level that we have setup which is not working as expected or intended.

Gold member has access to (
We then setup a primary (page) to act as our dashboard and lets just say we're calling the page (Gold Dashboard) as a title...
On we have painstakenly added several articles/worksheets/posts. We have set this up so in theory a new post/article/worksheet can be accessed (will be delivered) every 7 days from the day they join. e.g. Member joins on May 1st and they see one article link in a specific column on their dashboard page (a page with a blog-role section on it). Then on May 8th they will see two articles and on May 15th they will see three, etc... That's the expectation with a drip membership system.

However, EVERY post is showing up as available to read (so what are we doing wrong?)
What mechanism should we be using to ensure the member only has access to the content according to our definition?

I'm going to go ahead and activate support access so you can take a look at my setup. You will need to meticulously review all of the settings to see how we're organizing each membership package. This is the last leg of a long journey and I hope to have some resolution and guidance on this as soon as you can. Please ping Tyler Postle for me as well on this ticket... Thank you...