Membership 2 Pro Export Options

I have a client who has come to me with a website that they are using Membership 2 Pro to handle the membership to their organization and the dues they are collecting. Their old developer wasn't working out so I'm taking over the project. One of the things they have asked me to do is to help them export a list of the members and which membership they have chosen and when they have paid. I have a plugin that allows me to export just about anything from Wordpress called WP All Export( I'm having issues with getting the membership information because it seems to be stored in the DB in a serialized array and when I try to unserialize it I am getting errors.

My first question is do you have a plugin or feature for Membership 2 Pro that would allow me to export this information. Preferably to a csv file. If not, can you provide me with some guidance on why I'm getting errors trying to unserialize the data coming out of the DB?

I am happy to provide any more details if they are needed.